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Why to choose our school

Reasons to choose our school.........

  • Govt. Award Winner & 27 year experince
  • Spatial Coaching for scholarship, Tims, Olympad,HolyFaith ,MTS,NTS and all Competitive exam & Every Year Students Win Gold Medals
  • Many students flourished the stages of Doordasrshan , Zee TV ,Boogie Woogie , Dam Dama Dam & All Lalit Kala Mahoswav .
  • Stage Has been Made Available to Hundreds Students At District, State And National Level Competition.
  • Marathi, Hindi and Hindi subjects are Mandatary for English & Semi-English Medium
  • Entire School is monitered by C.C.T.V Cameras
  • Indian festivals, birth anniversaries of great persons are celebrated with Devotion .To motivate students for the speech, speech competitions are organised.

Our Vision & mission

Our objective is truly not to prepare professionals but to craft a Complete human being with a dynamic sense of belonging and responsibility in the realisation of the humanity which is the quality required to meet the challenges of the modern Society.

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