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About Ellora School.

Both English & Semi English Medium for Classes from Nursery to 12th Std. MKVM is an Organization found 26 years back from the field of art and education by all the members are expert teachers and with their guidance Ellora School was established in the years. In a very short period MKVM's Ellora School had made great Progress and achieved great heights. The Institution aim to provide quality education, create resources for the upliftment of Common masses. The focus is on promoting the intellectual, ethical and Cultural development of the Society. It endeavours to Create wide spread educational network with mass participation in education. "Ellora School", is established to bring up the children as a confident, independent, creative and adaptive, who have learning and become the enviable assets to their nation. We at 'Ellora School' aim at excellence providing the children with a firm foundation to build a bright future where the sky is the limit.

  • Quality Education
  • Award Winner and experienced Teachers & Management.
  • Transporttion Facility

What we do


Our aim of School discipline is to Create safe and happy learning environment in the School we believe that Discipline is the training of mind and characters. It must be installed in us from very young age. It must begin at home and Continued in School we believe in positive ways of appreciation, Merit masks, house points to inculcate discipline within the students.


To bring out the best from every individual student has every individual Student School has designed the number of activities not only to excel in academics but in Sports and other Social & Cultural activities.

Our Objective

Students just apt for the young minds to be nurtured. Our objective is truly not to prepare professionals but to craft a complete human being with a dynamic sense of belonging and responsibility in the realisation of the humanity which is the quality required to meet the challenges of the modern Society. Though the task is challenging. I am glad to State that teaching faculty of our MKVM's Ellora School, Aurangabad have always endeavoured to taro this challenge into an opportunity to bring out on the surface the hidden talent in every individual Student.

Pralhad Shinde (Secretary)
Marathawada Kala Vikas Mahamandl, Aurangabad

Fun Facts

100 %

Success Rate

Our School Provides 100 Percent Success rate.


Happy Students

Award Winner and experienced Teachers & Management.



OOur school actively Participates in various competitions Organised by Marathwada Kala Vikas Mahamandal.


Practical Approach

Grand Success in State Level sport and Art competitions.

Our Staff


Mrs. Sangeeta Bhapkar-Shinde Principal

  • Office : 0240-2355644

Pralhad Shinde (Secretary)

Marathawada Kala Vikas Mahamandl, Aurangabad
  • Office : 0240-2355644

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